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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2015 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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to pay let them pay for their medallion this is fair secondly, thousand drivers waiting for the short airport implemented but a distance not but the time if you increase the drivers safety on the road you will be needed flying back to the airport hundred miles per hour knowing it is a distance and it will be implemented this summer or next year it should be done as quickly as possible and also about the independent company free colors and every most 4 heed $500 and noticing from the company if you can do it or implement
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for us we will really appreciate it thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> that is the last person turned in a speaker card. >> good afternoon with the taxi alliance i want to clarify a big difference between tmcs and cab drivers cab drivers have to pickup everyone not only people with preapproved considered on file they're more dangerous rides and absolutely we should not be charged renewable or a accord or medallion fees as we're now surrounding by the tmcs that are completely unregulated not paying taxes to the city even though we're told how do you know who's driving them it is proprietor
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information according to lyft they're allowed to pick up their rates are not controlled by the city they can pass the complete airport fee into their passengers so this is a completely unfair situation and george the rolls and cruise the airport and see the lyft drivers circling the airport and as far as in the city you don't have enough enforcement officers on streets i can't go down because of tmcs parking in the bicyclist lanes and nobody is the po are not give ticket when they make u turned this is a ridiculous situation going on.
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>> thank >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> the last person. >> hi regarding the a card fee waiver there are thousands of urban insured drivers operating illegal not paying fees to the sfmta and it is unreliable inform apply to some taxis drivers are required to pay the fees than everyone should fees paid are acceptance are sensible to pay the taxi lanes and taxi stand and entertainment venues and picking up of the street hails the inform no protection of those spaces or activities the existence and pioneers with the lack of enforcement on the part of the sfmta has recommended if in a
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dramatic income it is unreasonable to expect the fees to remain the same taxi drives have no control over how those fees are used and no health care and it is unquestionable to require this be paid out of our pockets and anti i i'm out there 12 hours a night driving around and see hundreds of bringing preus with tmc gps stuck to the window with no license plate you may not have the ability to enforced the jurisdiction police are not doing anything about cars driving other than with no license plates you better be sure we'll you been getting
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pulled over and ticketed i'm not seeing is what are write supposed to do if someone gets into an accident it is a huge public safety issue. >> thank you, thank you your time is up. >> i'm not able to pass may fees on. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, commissioners first, i'd like to says as far as the airport goes i am the guy it charges the guy it bucks but as far as the rest definitely we shouldn't be charged one thousand dollars a year for medallions or one and one for the a card put yourselves in my cards 200 and $50 i'm told i have to guy a medallion i go out and work and
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i see uber and lyft cars in the bike lanes and loading up with the conflict and abusing every loading zone okay. not paying a single cent of revenue into the city tax collector none that that uber claims 26 thousand partners and maybe more if you count loiftd not paying a single people it is terrible why should i pay 200 and $50,000 for this this is not right guys seriously before you guys with the taxi commission the taxi commission had no problems are meter maid hound every town card that sat at any loading zone they wrote
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so many tickets they almost disappeared so, please waiting wave those fees it is just not fair thank you. >> (calling names). >> the last person turned in a speaker card. >> good afternoon directors about those airport fees everything is good, i request only when the taxis are lined up to the freeway we requested before and we humbling request through you that there should be a big electronic signs showing what our wasting time when we go down we're sitting in a two or three hour or two minutes we/no idea whatever the last car moving out and tagging the cars they should show last car time
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thanks to the airport they're providing physical property to 3 lots maybe 3 and a half lots and compared to tmc not using the property sitting open the freeway on a different building on a different road the airport write us facility by i did dispatches and everyone else they have to pay their salaries we pay them but don't give them profit we're not complaining about uber all our efforts in the wrong direction complaining complaining complaining not the correct way we should set up a committee and has the tenacity to compete with uber please look at that direction the positively
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not the negative way thank you. >> okay. we have one more speaker? >> okay. >> in this case that includes the public comment. >> i want to make a quick comment. >> state your name. >> richard i own a metro cab company with regard to the pre k medallion holders they're all elderly and their income is hit as hard as anyone else's one medallion is a widow i've had to reduce her income to keep my doors open when they today's you'll get the medallion and that's the case of many of them so i'll wave it for them please. that includes the public comment
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on those items members of the board was your pleasure. >> director heinecke. >> some discussion about this meeting to be built into the meter as the foes charged on the side of the meter box and to 4 under the current proposal my recollection it all adds up to one number. >> there's an extra bum they're able - >> it shows as one number and i'm also told for notice reasons we couldn't increase the 4 to $5 today, i'm i understanding that correctly or wait until the gentleman gets back. >> yes. that's. >> once you have a fee it's been noticed you can't change
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the fee after nosz so if we want to change to it $5. >> you can't increase it but lower it. >> so i guess my inclination for the reasons we've discussed go ahead with the item and move it but i'll ask we have a followup on this whether it makes sense to increase it to $5 or one of the speakers made an important point increase is to $5 at the option of sort of the derivative of the cab company advertised this is i realize a matter of practice but the way it's written it is optional. >> yes. >> that's my preference to ask staff to report back whether it is advisable to raise it to $5
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and the cab drivers input whether it is worth it to them to recapture the dollar the airport is charging, and, secondly, would it be feasible but something the drivers want to have a half droufl fee. >> i'd like to comment thank you comment on the pre k people i noticed the pre k people can go out and find center work but people in their 70s and 80s it's not realistic. >> over the years there has been no driving requirement so i understand that people chosen to stay in the industry that's a positive their choose but the distinction the post k have to
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drive the prek don't and a lot of the corporate medallions locked in with the prek the corporations may hold multiple medallions. >> how many pre k. >> how many are held by individual and did 3 counterpart and 93 held by individuals. >> if you subtract the corporate ones we could do that. >> that would be a cost of $200,000 to the agency. >> members. >> i will support that. >> i will support that. >> i guess we need an amendment to the motion starter /* is that right eliminate the remanuel for the pre k but not -
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>> on the same concept for the post k drivers only one time for this year. >> that's in the form 6 an amendment i'll offer that as an amendment. >> i'll second, that mr. chairman let me get the proper motion so i can read it back. >> for the post k medallions and virtually held pre k medallions. >> so articulate. >> so the motion to amend the resolution to wave the 2016 medallion fee for pre k medallion holders. >> okay. so the motion and second. >> so we ask the director any concerns or a matter of dollars and cents. >> it's a matter of dollars and cents my feeling there is a lot
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of benefit to those pre k medallion holders will have accrued but i understand vinyl experiences by i hold in respect the decision we are trying to be philharmonic responsible for the cost recovery situation. >> so we have a motion and second on the amendment. > all in favor, say i. > i. > opposed no. >> for clarification that's a motion for item 12 not 11 leveling has to be with the airport. >> we'll move both of them at once. >> so then - it will apply to everyone the same. >> we're on - and so you've taken the motion to amend telephone now on the floor is
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move 11 and 12 as amended. >> > all in favor, say i. > i. > the i's have it thank you very much next item. >> mr. chairman going back to the public comment jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. >> good afternoon richard i'm the owner of metro cab and speakers say absent o a little bit are the widely unfair color schemes yellow cab pays $9,000 awhile metro has 16 cabs and pace 45 hundred if you recall mr. uber brought this to our attention and this
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year it is back the same this is the disparity since 2009 and mr. heinecke can he arranged the fee at the meeting i talked about the fee but rather the appearance of impropriety i mentioned by way of example i recently learned the large companies were secreting allowed to pay the color scheme fees i wrote the biggest check of the year after years of scratching my head i've seen an e-mail from the two members of the board i was given year she wrote it before the policy and governance meeting here understanding from the disparity to encourage the
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large profitable companies and smaller ones in the city i've been told we have too many 0 cab companies this is nauseating once suspected is actually policy i'll be closing my doors please don't allow this for going forward. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, i was here about a month ago and blew my top i'll trying to gooep keep it retained in you're talking about small potatoes the window dressing i'll glald pay you people if you were doing your damn jobs 20 thousand
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uber's running around that city committing insurance fraud fraud and the only way that can go on is because there is political corruption people are getting paved one way or another either through campaign attractions one person on the board i represent he's been in this business for a a long time director heinecke i'd like to found out how mayor eddy can tell his boys at the airport who we postponed to approve uber and lyft to work the airport when every one of those cars could be towed by the police department today committing insurance fraud those are commercial vehicles their defined as commercial vehicles
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by the dmv this earlier the whole thing is written out. uber is committing insurance fraud now god knows we all want our buddy to get his billion dollars okay but we can't compete with those people they're driving commercial vehicles with personal insurance denying i would liquor you to make calls and find out why this is going on you can do it >> thank you very much sir, your time is up (calling names). >> herbert wiener passenger at risk excuse me. >> on the 14 this month there is bow uber day i expect all the
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biologists who bike to work to obey the traffic lights and not crash the light i expect the bicycle coalition anyone that rides a bicycle on this board or in government to put the word out to obey the traffic signal not to crash their bikes or ride on the sidewalks that is a day of model behavior for the public thank you. >> thank you, mr. wiener. >> next speaker. >> (calling names). >> good evening, sir i saw on the fourth street before, after, harrison street a big bar construction for the extra subway more like night
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time and with a big sign a lot of drives even full-time derivatives oh, i need to take far left lane only is disastrous a lot of drunk drivers and they go straight and sometimes they hit you have to make a visual at night and another thing tom nolan is a good man making the fees for the pre k owner but how many owners in san francisco i know a guy has 5 medallions own big, big property in san francisco you didn't know about that but anyway, as a cab driver we want to see our own color schemes like mr. richard is a rich man there are too many color schemes in san francisco
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your becoming a very rich man in san francisco because taxi was a cash cow even today, we barely make living but now we like a cash cow they're moving around and making money including you as well you win the loiter for hundred and 50 millions and give a hundred thousand for your demons of one thousand demons we can buy the tire and update our car we need our own color scheme this is a shallow soda to make money think you. >> thank >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> hi good afternoon. tom nolan and fellow directors i
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want to thank jean for saying something that we all are thinking and feeling i want to thank him and part of the violence that is kate didn't say violence between cab driver and tmc i can't drive a full shift i get two frustrated having to deal with the people where are you guys do help us are we're going to get in trouble or are you going to go out and accredit them and toll the officials to do their job about the dispatch services a lot of what we call full service companies are skribtd to the departure services but you can't get dafrpz on the phone you have a rule that says 24/7 but you're
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getting someone on a cell phone and small business in las vegas this should be accountability so cabs are required to have services especially, if yours to give them the 8 thousand medallions and with regard them and the last thing i want to say there's turmoil companies closing and having financial trouble we all deserve information from your staff we're not getting it we should have a news letter with links i look at the website and really be great if you have one person as a communication person you hire a second - >> thank you, thank you your time is up
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(calling names). >> hello that's correct again this is truly heading it is the duty item after all the drivers receive a business registration obviously form from the treasurer and tax collector and we have maybe two or three thousand derivatives are gashthd from packing stoon and other places the form is xhufrg those people don't own computers or have access or knowledge how to work them so at the bottom of page one taxpayers that come to city hall for personal experience my experience long wait times the thing that's funny it appears going go the website is
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a billing and if feasible as i get older i'm more mistaken but 91 dollars i filed you out a form and it said circulation they want to know how many times how many times the meter clicked and you find out if it is under one thousand dollars you pay the minimum so the entire experience to generate a billing form it makes no sense and kate to her credit wants to involve the office of economic workforce development i'm suggesting it is a better process to allow drivers to pay by check or in person for $91 and write their a number on the check if you're
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finances are david august at the scene suggest this to them. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon commissioners i'd like to address the issue of the panic bottom and it is really good it came back and that you guys had it come back today i'm not totally clear what they do in new york that perhaps san francisco could set the standards problem with some of the old panic bottoms in the part of the co-sponsoring to the cab companies they could be
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inadvertently trirld they were generally on the left side of the accelerate and brake and, of course a cab driver with their foot could vifrnt trigger the panic bottom because of the location of the panic bottom as i can see another place to put the panic bottom which will be linked by gps right into the police why do two shop stopping when the drivers life maybe on the line and have it go into a dispatcher that may or may not pick up the phone or so that on the emergency screen i think we should set the bar cab drivers have to experience as common carriers the highest degree of care we should have it in locking an emergency bum inside
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of the cab thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> thank you as i'm sure you know and heard we're losing an awful lot of airport business that lack cars sitting in white zones this is illegal in the state law they're sitting there and the state law says they have to be actively loading and unloading not sitting there ironicly or going to the posting i don't think they go to the posting i have a suggestion it might give us back business to the airport it is up to you people to enforce the what are you they